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Survive Cancer (Orthomolecular Oncology) is a cancer research and educational charity. The information in this Guide is given as advice only. Dr. Carmen Wheatley is not a medical doctor. She cannot and will not diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any disease, pain or physical condition, and you should therefore contact one of the MDs listed for further assistance. Your GP or oncologist’s approval must also be sought. Neither Survive Cancer (Orthomolecular Oncology) nor Dr. C. Wheatley can be held legally responsible for any adverse effects whatsoever resulting from the use of information contained herein.Survive Cancer (Orthomolecular Oncology) disseminates such information in good faith, striving for accuracy, scientific and otherwise, and integrity. Dr. C.Wheatley and her fellow Trustees do not promote or sell any treatments whatsoever. They do not accept employment, consultancies, stock ownership, paid expert testimony or honoraria from the practitioners and methods discussed in this guide. Survive Cancer’s (Orthomolecular Oncology) aim is to educate cancer patients and doctors, alleviate suffering, and save lives, through scientifically accurate and state-of-the-art information. Our plans include the production of self-help videos and the foundation of a University Chair in Orthomolecular Oncology.

However, in view of the fact that any information, whether or not it is accurate or good, can be abused, or lead to harmful effects, users of the Guide should understand they act on their own responsibility and proceed at their own risk, and note the following liability disclaimer.

Insofar as the trustees and patrons of Survive Cancer (Orthomolecular Oncology) and Caliban Scripts Ltd, its directors, employees and consultants, including without limitation Dr. Carmen Wheatley, are legally able, all the above persons and entities disclaim all liability for any illness, death, disability, distress, losses, (including without limitation monetary losses) and disturbance whatsoever directly or indirectly caused from use of this Cancer Guide and its contents. Any residual liability attaching to any or all of the above persons and entities shall be limited to the sum of ten pounds, which sum shall include all additional sums of whatsoever nature or origin, including without limitation fines, penalties, costs and interest. A condition of the use of the Guide is that you have read and understood the disclaimer and agree to be bound by it.