The Answer

Although it is now accepted by western governments and the medical profession alike that diet can help prevent cancer, it is less accepted that diet and nutritional therapy might also play an important part in treating and curing cancer.

Arguments for using adjuvant nutritional therapy in cancer

  1. Cure rate – although the 5 year survival and cure rate for most cancers, with conventional therapies alone, continues to improve, the improvement is not substantial enough to be in any way complaisant. Cancer causes one in four of all deaths in the UK, for example. We need to break through the current cure ceiling by trying fresh approaches. There is a strong link between diet and cancer. Increasingly, it is being found that cause and cure are linked.
  2. Money – in North America, where adjuvant nutritional therapy has been used in cancer treatment for the last 40 years, they have found that it significantly reduces in-patient stay and complications of conventional chemo and radiotherapy. The cost of treating cancer is phenomenal. In the States alone it accounts for 10% of the national health budget. Anything that reduces this, with good patient results, must be welcomed.
    (The research and information Dept at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care (PBCC) keeps up to date with the current research in complementary cancer care and cancer nutrition research.)

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