The Problem

doctorForty percent of cancer patients do not die of cancer. They die of malnutrition. In addition, some 67% of cancer patients die of opportunistic infections, due to a severely depressed immune system: the end result of aggressive cytotoxic (chemo- and radio-therapy) treatments, and malnutrition. This is both preventable and highly treatable.

We need strong, well primed immune systems to fight and overcome cancer. Most conventional therapies actually wipe out the immune system, and do not address this problem.

Adjuvant (adding a substance as an auxillary remedy) nutritional therapy in cancer can be helpful in many ways, when taken alongside traditional chemo and radiotherapy, and/or new, still experimental approaches, such as immunotherapy and anti-angiogenic therapy.

Adjuvant nutritional therapy can:

  • Reduce the toxic side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Increase chemo/radiotherapy’s selectivity and “kill” potential
  • Reduce and prevent secondary tumours
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Improve patient appetite – helping problems associated with poor appetite
  • Treat and reverse malnutrition
  • Improve overall chances of remission and cure, and not least, quality of life.