#4 of The 5 R’s (recovery) of Cancer Survival


De-toxification: removing both internal and external environmental pollutants

This can range from removing all your mercury alloy fillings to removing other excess heavy metals from your system by chelation therapy, which can be oral, – vitamin C in high doses and miso soup/homeopathic drops – or in severe cases by intravenous injection of a “mop-up” chemical called EDTA, which you excrete in urine along with the heavy metal burden; coffee enemas, whether or not you follow the Gerson therapy. (These actually stimulate the liver’s detoxification systems. See pages 190-1 of Max Gerson’s A Cancer Therapy for the “recipe”. Coffee enemas are especially important at times when there may be rapid tumour breakdown due to therapy, to avoid a sometimes lethal syndrome known as tumour lysis.)

Coffee Enemas

(As used in the Gerson/Plaskett/Gonzalez/Kelley therapies. For detoxification in advanced cancer or in times of crisis, – rapid tumour breakdown, nausea and pain control. – Up to 4 enemas a day may be administered in cases of need and at the start of any nutritional therapy for cancer).

Equipment Needed:

  • Enema bucket and hose (Available from: Gerson Supplies, Old Swan House, High Street, Tingrith, Milton Keynes MK17 9EN, tel/fax: 01525 875739).
  • Distilled water (to avoid contamination with fluoride and chlorine) – you can buy your own distiller;
  • Organic ground coffee beans (to avoid introducing agricultural chemicals, pesticides etc into the intestines);
  • (Enema bag and hose, and Natura organic coffee available from:
    The Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent, London W1N 3HE,
    Tel: 0207 436 5122,
    Fax: 0207 436 5171,

For one enema, take 3 tablespoons of drip/grind (i.e. not instant) organic coffee to 1 quart of water. Boil for 3 minutes, then simmer for 15 minutes. Strain. Cool to body temperature. (Do not follow normal coffee making routine, as valuable potassium will be lost).

If you need to have 4/5 enemas a day make a concentrate by boiling 2 quarts of water with 3 cups of drip/grind coffee. Boil for 3 minutes and simmer for 12/15 minutes. When done, top up with distilled water to bring the volume back up to 2 quarts, and refrigerate. Each enema from the concentrate is then made up of 4 ounces of concentrate to 3_ cups of water.

Enema Administration:

Fill bag or bucket with coffee solution, to marked level. Lie on your right hand side and draw your legs up to your abdomen. The enema bag has a tube with a valve at one end. Insert the tube end about 2 inches into the rectum, (no higher!) Use KY jelly for lubrication. Relax. Breathe deeply. Retain fluid for 10 to 15 minutes.
Finish by going to the loo.

Hot baths, in particular, using Dead Sea Salts; low temperature saunas – max. 98-102 degrees F, and skin-brushing or lymphatic drainage. (See Leslie Kenton’s Ultrahealth for the latter). Skin brushing should be done for 5 to 10 minutes daily before a bath or shower using a natural bristle brush. Make firm strokes all over your limbs and body, always working from the extremities towards the heart. Skin brushing not only removes toxins from the upper layer of skin, it mobilizes sluggish lymph and brings fresh blood to the skin.

WARNING: Saunas are not advisable for anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease, as well as those on heart-affecting chemo drugs such as Adriamyacin. If in doubt, check with your doctor. We also recommend you do not take your saunas alone.

If you are overweight, try and get as near your ideal weight as possible. The reason for this is that toxins of all kinds tend to be stored in body fat, so the less excess fat you have, the better detoxified you will be. Following the cancer diet is a good way to lose weight gradually because this diet regulates blood glucose very efficiently, and blood glucose regulation is the key to weight loss and stability.

Avoid obvious sources of pollution: tap water (filter it!), passive smoking etc. Give up: smoking, alcohol, drugs, “recreational” and otherwise (e.g. anti-depressants), unless really essential, coke, coffee and SUGAR. Cancer is a “glucose-obligate” disease. It feeds on sugar, and breaks down muscle to turn it into sugar and fuel its energy needs. Sugar also depresses the immune system. Try the Liver Detox Plan, Xandria Williams, (Vermillion, London, 1998). Herbs which are especially good for liver detoxification and stimulation are milk thistle or sylimarin, dandelion, ginger, turmeric and goldenseal. (The only counter-indication to the latter is gallbladder/bile duct problems including cancer of the gall-bladder).

Environmental pollution can be worst in your own home! In a pollution survey done of 6 major American cities it was found that air pollution was 200% worse inside buildings than in the open air. The source of much of this, apart from air and water, are the many carcinogenic chemicals in the everyday products we use, from talc, saccharine in toothpaste, cosmetics, “air fresheners”, to cleaning fluids and powders, as well as synthetic carpets. If you want to depollute your home substantially, consult The Safe Shopper’s Bible, (Macmillan, 1995), by Dr Samuel Epstein MD, Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Chicago. Dr Epstein maintains that the explosion in cancer incidence statistics in the last 50 years – 45%+ -, for which tobacco only accounts for one third, is probably due largely to the extensive environmental pollution caused by industry.

This pollution extends to the things we eat, and more insidiously, particularly if you are a woman, the things we put on our skin. Skin is a highly absorbent organ and, contrary to what the cosmetic industry will tell you, traces of anything put on your skin can usually be found in the bloodstream. Many antiperspirants, perfumes, soaps and creams routinely contain known carcinogens. (Coal tar soaps and shampoos notoriously so). Lanolin, a standard moisturiser, is often contaminated with Lindane. Liquid paraffin, a base for many moisturisers, is an undesirable petrochemical derivative. Ditto Vaseline.

Increased exposure to sun, without adequate protection, particularly amongst fair-skinned people, – freckle skinned redheads being most at risk, – is undoubtedly the major cause of Malignant Melanoma, skin cancer, which is on the increase (like most other cancers), particularly amongst women. However, bearing in mind that men are probably less likely to use sun block than women, the marked difference in incidence of skin cancer between the sexes might also suggest that it is women’s habit of routinely slathering creams and cosmetics on their skins, many of which contain known carcinogens, that accelerates the carcinogenic impact of UV radiation on the skin. For this reason alone it is worth changing to a range of totally natural, plant based additive/pollution free skincare. There are many ranges now, for example Dr Hauschka, Aveda, Burt’s Bees, Weleda. For addresses see Resources page.

Check your general health. Tackle allergies, candida etc. As secretions of stomach hydrochloric acid decrease as you grow older, it would be wise to check your levels of this, to ensure good absorption of the nutrients needed to fight cancer. Otherwise you may not get the full benefit of your nutritional therapies. A gastrogram, or Heidelberg test, should reveal whether you need to take an HCl supplement. Contact the Medical Biolab, or Health Interlink Ltd, or ask your doctor, for further information.

You should also consider taking a daily supplement of good bacteria such as Lactobacilli bifidus to recolonise that often missing in the intestines due to courses of antibiotics, chemo, poor nutrition etc. A healthy population of “good” bacteria is essential for balanced digestive function.

Electro Magnetic Fields from electrical currents have been associated with cancer incidence in the past. However, more recent, well-conducted studies have shown inconsistent associations with leukemia, brain tumors, and breast cancer.
Link to National Cancer Institute website: EMF factsheet.
Sources of EMFs which you may wish to lessen your exposure to, in generally detoxing your home, are: hair dryers, electric blankets, vacuum cleaners, computers, TV, kitchen appliances, mobile phones and electrical outlets behind the head of a bed. If you live near power lines, consider re-locating.


WEAN YOURSELF OFF ANY UNNECESSARY DRUGS: sleeping pills (see Insomnia); tranquillisers; anti-depressants etc. You should find this easier as you implement the new, health-giving lifestyle changes discussed in this Guide. Dr Charles Simone, an orthomolecular oncologist, who treated President Reagan, also suggests you take drugs only when prescribed by a doctor, in case of real necessity, and that you should then check to see if the drug interferes with vitamin function and supplement accordingly. If drugs are an addiction, get professional help. (See book on Addiction in our Bibliography)


Number 5 of The 5 ‘Rs’ of Cancer Recovery & Survival

5. Spiritual Healing