Super Nutrition Recipes

The following recipes are easy and quick to make, and all have very high nutritional value. They are also light, so we recommend them if your appetite is not very good.

Healthy Eating can be a Gourmet Experience

The following is a small selection of delicious and inspiring cookery books which follow the rules of good health:
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  • Evergreen (Classic Vegetarian Cookery), Anne Bell, (Macmillan Reference Books 1996)
  • Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Meals in Minutes, (Collins 2005)
  • Blanc Vite, Raymond Blanc, (Headline Books 1998)
  • Blanc Mange, Raymond Blanc, (BBC Books 1996)
  • The Plant Programme: Recipes for Fighting Breast Cancer – Healthier Living for Everyone, Jane Plant, (Virgin 2001)
  • The Almost Vegetarian Cookbook, Josceline Dimbleby, (Websters International Publishers 1994)
  • Vegetarian Cooking, Rose Elliot, (Mitchell Beazley 1994)
  • Eat Your Greens, Sophie Grigson, (BBC Publishing)
  • The Optimum Nutrition Cookbook, Patrick Holford & Judy Ridgway, (Piatkus)
  • Totally Dairy Free Cooking, Louis Lanza, (William Morrow & Co)
  • Favorite Recipes for Fighting Cancer, Mike Milken, (Cap Cure 1998)
  • and More Favorite Recipes for Fighting Cancer and Heart Disease, (Cap Cure 1999)
  • Cooking with Mosimann, Anton Mosimann, (Papermac 1994),
  • Beating Cancer with Nutrition, Patrick Quillin, (Nutrition Times Press 1998)
  • River Café Cook Book Green Ruth Rogers, (Ebury Press)
  • The Soy Zone, Dr Barry Sears, (ReganBooks 2000)
  • The 30-Minute Cook, Nigel Slater, (Penguin Books 1996)
  • The Book of Miso, William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi, (Ballantine Books)
  • The Book of Tofu, William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi, (Autumn Press Inc 1979), ISBN 0 345 35181 9.